The School Day

It is very important that the children are in school ready for the bell at 8.50am. This is when school starts and the registers are taken. Children who arrive after this time must report to the main school office. Infant children who arrive late after the Infant door is locked must also be taken over to the main school office in the Junior Department in order that the School Administrator records the child as present.

School gates open at 8.35am each morning. Parents/carers of Infant children are asked to stay with their child until the classes line up and go in. In the Junior Department, a Welfare assistant scans the playground from the main entrance from 8.35am each morning. Children must not be left in the playground before this time.

In the Infant Department parents/carers are asked to stay behind the red line marked on the playground. This allows the children to line up safely in their class lines at the beginning of the day. It also allows both the teacher and the child to see their parent clearly when the classes assemble on the steps at the end of the day.

All parents are asked to make sure the school knows who will be picking up the child at the end of the day. If there is any change, we ask that parents let the office or the class teacher know.

It is also important for the safety of all the children that parents do not distract the class teacher at the beginning and end of the day when children are being handed over. Any messages for the teacher can be written in a note, or told to the welfare staff at the door. Alternatively, parents may come over to the school office to pass on any important messages.

Parents of older Junior-age children are asked to inform the school office if their child comes to school on their own. The school office will then check if the child does not arrive at the start of the day and notification that the child will not be in school has not been received.

In the Nursery, parents/carers are asked to be very aware of the safety of all the children as they are brought into the Nursery and collected at the end of sessions. It is important that the Nursery staff are not distracted at this time so they can concentrate on making sure the children are safely handed over. The Nursery doors are locked during the session time and we ask parents to make sure the Nursery gates are all closed securely as you leave.

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