The Edward Betham C of E Primary School

Our Staff

Our Teachers 

Headteacher: Miss Chamberlain

Deputy Headteachers: Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Marson

Nursery: Miss Atwal
Early Years Practitioners: Miss Gadd and Mrs Roome*

RED: Miss Dydycz
RKS: Mrs Scaldwell
Early Years Practitioners: Mrs Nandha and Mrs Patel*

1RD: Miss De Leon
1MP: Mr Parker

2EH: Miss Harrison
2SP: Miss Patel

3AD: Mr Davis
 Miss Hameury

4AT: Mrs Tigg
4BE: Mrs Bicknell and Mrs Elvery

5MB: Mrs Marsh and Mrs Marson
5SG: Mrs Gerhardstein

6EP: Ms Paul
6OM: Mrs Owens and Mrs Macdonald-Brown

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator: Mrs Lawrence

* All our Early Years Practitioners are trained in paediatric first aid.

Our Support Staff

School Business Manager: Mrs Cameron

School Administrators: Ms Clark, Mrs Rasdareesing, Mrs Ziobro

Welfare Officer/Teaching Assistant: Mrs Curzon, Mrs Nandha

(Mrs Curzon and Mrs Nandha are trained in paediatric first aid and first aid)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs Marsh, Mrs Santos

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hensley, Miss Hussein, Mrs Hussey, Mrs Ishimishere, Miss Kane, Mrs Lutsyk, Miss McAllister, Mrs McNally, Mrs Nandha, Mrs Patel, Miss Pincho, Miss Reynolds, Mrs Snell

School Meal Supervisors (Nursery): Mrs Rasdareesing, Miss Sadrudin 
School Meal Supervisors (Infant):
 Mrs Heskel, Mrs Khoshaba, Mrs McNally, Miss Pincho, Miss Sadrudin, Mrs Siddiqi

School Meal Supervisors (Junior): Miss Gittens, Miss Kane, Miss Karpuzova, Mrs Lutsyk, Mrs Rasdareesing, Mrs Syed

(All our Teaching Assistants and School Meal Supervisors are trained in paediatric first aid)

Site Manager: Mr Odeesho

Edward Betham Care Club Staff

Breakfast Club Supervisor: Miss E. Kane

Care Club Assistants: Miss K. Kane, Mrs Khoshaba, Miss McAllister, Mrs Siddiqi