The Edward Betham C of E Primary School

Enrichment Opportunities

At Edward Betham, we believe that learning should extend beyond the classroom and beyond the standard curriculum provision.  Enrichment opportunities are an important part of daily life at our school. We believe that these opportunities broaden our children's life experiences and help them develop confidence and enthusiasm for life and learning. Please visit our galleries page or our social media pages to see examples of our enrichment activities.


  • We run a number of extra-curricular sports clubs after school.  These clubs change regularly and include: basketball, golf, football, netball, table tennis and cricket. These clubs can be booked via the school office.
  • Pupils from across the school take part in competitions and sporting events with other schools.  It is our aim that all pupils will be given the opportunity to represent their school at some point during their time with us.  These competitions include: a basketball festival and competition, a pantathlon event, football matches in a local league, a netball tournament, a tag rugby tournament, a girls football tournament and a hockey tournament
  • We celebrate the achievements of our pupils in their sporting lives outside of school in our newsletters. 
  • Pupils in Reception attend Forest School regularly throughout the year
  • We aim for all pupils from KS2 attend Forest School at least once during their time in years 3-6


  • Pupils in key year groups take place in regular drama workshops run by a drama therapist.  These workshops build a sense of teamwork, confidence and resilience as well as providing a safe space to explore emotions ahead of transition to high school
  • Story-telling workshops at Art Galleries are planned to enrich the learning of groups of pupils
  • Pupils across the school take part in drama workshops as part of their wider Physical Education curriculum


  • All pupils take part in 30 minutes of group singing practise weekly.  As they progress through the school this provides opportunities to sing in parts, rounds and use descants
  • Pupils are offered the opportunity to learn to play the guitar with a specialist teacher
  • Pupils in KS2 have an opportunity to join the school choir and take part in Young Voices and other local concerts,  
  • Links with the local high school are strong and pupils attend concerts and carol services at the school
  • Pupils in Year 5 are taking part in a project and concert with the English Chamber Orchestra based around celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the arrival of HMS Empire Windrush 
  • Pupils in Year 2 take part in an Introduction to Opera Workshop with The Mozartists

Themed Learning Events

  • All pupils take part in First Peoples Day celebrations in December of each year.  This provides an opportunity for pupils to learn about the lives and cultures of seven different First People groups over the course of their time at Edward Betham
  • All pupils take part in World Book Day activities in March which link a story to a key piece of classical music based on the book Once Upon a Tune.  Pupils explore the themes of the story and learn how the story is reflected in the music. Over their time at the school they build a knowledge of a key repetoire of classical music.
  • All pupils take part in Oceans Day in June of each year.  Through story, discussion, drama and art, pupils develop their understanding of the importance of oceans to our life on Earth. 
  • Science Week takes place in the Summer Term.  All pupils take part in scientific experiments and workshops across the week and Year 5 pupils plan and prepare a Science Fair for the end of this week
  • Democracy and Justice Week takes place in the Spring Term.  Through themed Collective Worship, lessons in class and visits (Westminster Abbey and Royal Courts of Justice), pupils learn about the importance of democracy and justice to life in modern Britain
  • Black History Month takes place in October each year.  Asian History Month takes place in February each year.  Pupils study key individuals on a theme who have made a difference both in the past and present.  Recent themes include: scientists, politicians, artists, sporting heros and medics

Visits, Workshops and Experiences

  • All year groups plan visits and workshops to enrich their classroom based curriculum.  
  • All year 6 pupils are offered the opportunity to attend a 5 day residential trip to the Isle of Wight in June
  • External visitors are invited in to speak to pupils on a range of topics.  Recent visitors include: the police, oral health advisor and local clergy
  • Our visits and workshop map can be found here


We also plan a varied programme of enrichment activities across Key Stage 2.