The Edward Betham C of E Primary School

Admissions Policy

The Governors will admit 60 children in each year group.

A Common Application Form (CAF) must be completed and sent to the Local Authority.

If a year group is oversubscribed, the Governors will give priority to applicants using the criteria in the order listed below. A Supplementary Information Form (SIF) must be completed and given to the school together with proof of address. The CAF should be submitted to the Local Authority. Applicants who are unsuccessful in obtaining a place can be put on a waiting list (also in accordance with the criteria below) at the request of the parents/carers and this list will be maintained for the coming year.

NB. To applicants who attend the Edward Betham Nursery: As with all the schools in the Borough, attendance at the Nursery does not automatically mean that a child will be able to transfer to the School.

Please Note -

  1. Governors hope that parents who have chosen this school for their child have done so knowing that it is a Church of England school with a distinctive Christian ethos. Governors therefore expect parents to give their full support to the ethos of the school.
  2. Governors hope that all children will attend acts of worship and will take part in the religious education curriculum, offered by the school. This does not in any way remove the right of parents to request that their children be withdrawn from these activities.

NB. The Governors reserve the right to give priority to children who have documented social or medical needs and are resident in the parish of Greenford Magna. Copies of any documentation must be included with the application form. The Governors will consider each case on its merits. Applications under this priority must be accompanied by a letter from a Consultant or Social Worker detailing how the school will fulfil the needs of the child and the difficulties that would be caused if they had to attend another school.

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Click her to download the Nursery Admissions Policy for 2023-24

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